Watch Hill Fishing

Watch Hill is at the westernmost point of Rhode Island.  The area around it has a great deal of excellent structure that will hold bait and fish.   Morning or evening fishing trips to this area can be quite productive.

Watch Hill Point has a lot of rocks and high points that combine to creat a nice rip current area for stripers and blues to ambush bait.  This is just north of Watch Hill Passage (the closest green and red buoys).  The area north and west in the cove there can also hold bait and fish.

Sugar Reef begins about a mile off Watch Hill point and extends south, then west 1.26 miles.  It is great structure, consisting of high points and rocks with deep spots that has excellent rips running through it during the tides that occur which provide amble areas for Bass and other game fish to ambush bait being dragged through the area. Some parts of the reef come within 2' of the surface at mean Low water, so you need to check the chart and be careful around those areas.

Napatree point and ledge have a lot of rocks on the bottom along with high points that provide the same type of ambush points and rip currents as Sugar reef does but in a smaller area.  It is less extensive than Sugar Reef but has more dangerous underwater rocks near the surface to watch out for.  Again, check the chart and be aware.