Narragansett Bay Fishing

Narragansett Bay is Rhode Island.  The largest body of water in the state, it is the home to many different marine species.  In the early spring Tautog are the first fish that we can target.   They are spawning in early April and the season opens on the 15th.  During the spring large schools of bait move into the bay, followed by feeding striped bass which lights the bay up from about mid-May to sometime in June when the waters warm up a good deal and Bluefish begin to take over the bay during the daytime.  Then it becomes a Bluefish bay during the day with bass still there but harder to catch once the sun is up and bright.  There are also flounder that can be fished for on the sandy flats all over the bay, and stripers among the rocky structure in deeper water during the day.  In the fall large schools of bait and predators will be near the mouth of the bay, creating great fishing opportunities.    Fish can be found in water as little as 5 feet deep to the 70 foot channels leading in and out of the upper bay.