South Shore Fishing

There are many areas along the South shore running from Point Judith to Watch Hill point that can hold fish and can be fished successfully if you know how.  We will take a look at them from east to west.

Deep Hole and Matunuck Point.  These areas can hold good bait and fish but need to be fished carefully, as there are rocks and sandbars to contend with as well as the possibility of high surf.  If there are waves you're best off not attempting to fish it unless you are very familiar with the area.  Some very large bass have been caught here.

Nebraska Shoal.  Nebraska Shoal is a plateau that comes up from deep water around the outside edge of it until is comes up to 25-33' of depth on the plateau.  There are many rocks and boulders in different areas of the shoal that can hold fish.  Many are concentrated along the eastern edge of the shoal.

Green Hill.  Green Hill can be white hot or very spotty.  It is a reef which comes up from the deeper water and has a couple of high spots and rocky bottom.  Green Hill will either produce or it won't, there is no in betwen.  Don't waste too much time trying to catch fish there, give it 10 minutes then get out of there.

Charleston Breachway.  During outgoing tides here bait can be pulled out of Ninigret salt pond to the area outside the breachway.  Fish will be outside waiting to ambush the bait as it comes out and chase it as long as they can.  This means it is best to fish this area during the outgoing tide, not the incoming.  Look for birds hitting the water or swirls on the surface.  These can be pretty hard to spot at times so you need to get close and keep your eyes peeled.

Quonochontaug Breachway.  Like Charleston Breachway, best fished on an outgoing tide which can pull bait out of Quonochontaug pond into the ocean.  There is also a small reef to the south and east about a half mile from the opening.

Weekapaug Breachway and the Old Reef.  Again, the best time to fish outside the breachway is during an outgoing tide which can often bring bait out of the salt pond into the area just outside the opening.  There is also the Old Reef just to the west of the opening whichcan also hold fish and bait.