I love fishing.  It started as a way to de-stress from the work week and eventually became an over-riding passion. My Son and I started fishing together in 1998 on his third boat that he owned, covering many parts of Narragansett Bay.  In 1999 we moved down to Lockwood Marina in East Matunuck with the same boat and fished Block Island and the south shore and fell in love with it.  In 2000 we were able to get into Jim's Dock and this is the best marina in the state, it is the closest location for fishing Block Island and the area around it, you can't get any better and it takes maybe 5 minutes to get outside the wall and be on your way to the fishing grounds.   We got a bigger boat (what a surprise) and did a lot of fishing around Block Island.  Eventually My son got laid off and got his captain's license and then helped me get my captain's license.

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